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Nicholas Wong Yew Khid

He was appointed to the Board as an Executive Director on 5 March 2018. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

He has extensive entrepreneurial experience in a variety of industries, mainly in the automotive, sports, and entertainment industries. He began his career at FMCG Company before progressing to incorporate his own business. He started his own automotive business in 2004, which supplies interior car parts and window films to well-known manufacturers and car tire distributors.

Later in 2007, he ventured into the Paintball Sports industry where he formed numerous companies that handled all pillars of the industry; from B2C equipment retailing to B2B distribution and later an events company that organised local and regional events with the Paintball World Cup Asia being the pinnacle event for the Asia region.

Mr. Nicholas was also involved in a few other businesses along the road, such as establishing a franchise company that distributes convenience products from the United States in malls. He also worked as the Marketing Director for a company that manages entertainment and food and beverage outlets.

Since 2018, he has been appointed as the Director of public companies to provide management strategy, day-to-day operational oversight, capital raising, and business development planning.

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