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Tan Sik Eek

He was appointed to the Board as an Executive Director on 18 June 2018. He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and Political Science from the University of Sydney, Australia.

He has more than fifteen (15) years of experience ranging from corporate finance advisory to private equity investments. Previously, he was a partner in a private equity firm focused on investing in companies seeking growth funding and pre-IPO capital. Prior to that, he was specialising in securing funding from a series of established North America global opportunity funds, for companies listed on the regional capital markets.

Since 2013, he has been engaged as the Director of a number of public companies to provide management strategy, day-to-day operational oversight, fundraising, and business development planning of the various companies.

He is currently a Director of Fintec Global Berhad, NetX Holdings Berhad, XOX Berhad, and Mlabs System Berhad.

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